Black ops Multiplayer EASTER EGGS

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Black ops Multiplayer EASTER EGGS

Postby Duk1NG » Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:49 pm


i was talking with wilbury and checken about easter eggs... Here they are !

Firing Range ->
Nuketown -> (raygun) (Rolling/stones song)

Cracked ->

Convoy ->
In the building on the top right of the map, there's a cargo transport board showing the names of all the maps in the game, including the First Strike and Escalation packs.
There are "Wanted" posters all over the map of a boy named Raffaele Angelini at the age of 14. It says that he's wanted for "pwning noobs". It also says that his occupations are "Pwning noobs and being awesome" and that he's a very good Call of Duty player. Further down it says that he's very loved by the developers at Treyarch and Activision Blizzard. The posters are a tribute to a young fan who was diagnosed with leukemia and visited Treyarch Studios with his family.[citation needed]
In the police station, posters can be found that says "Men with long hippie hair will be attended to last". Under it says that long hippie hair is: "Hair touching the eyebrows" or "Hair falling across the forehead" or "Hair covering the ears" or "Hair reaching below an ordinary shirt collar". There are also picture illustrating these.
In the lower left house there's a rack of magazines named "Exposed", which on the front page says "Russians launch first primate into space, and it returns a... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" with a picture of a Space Monkey from Ascension. The same magazines is found on the third mission, Executive Order.
In some buildings there are pictures of an early version of Hotel and the map Stockpile.

Villa ->

In evry lamp there is a skull in it !

Ill post more soon.. Tired i go to bed cyaaaaaaaa :D

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Re: Black ops Multiplayer EASTER EGGS

Postby Gr0uNDh0g » Sun Feb 13, 2022 12:36 pm

Wow, that's all new to me! Gonna check all out :crazypilot:
Punxsutawney Phil is coming for you! :pewpew:
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